Transmission and the Global Worker

In Nick Dyer-Witheford’s essay, “Digital labour, species-becoming and the global worker,”  he discusses how “Capitalism has always drawn on world-wide labours: the slave trade, super-exploited colonial workers, and peasantry of the periphery all attest to this usually brutal truth.” We this exact thing happen in Hari Kunzru’s novel Transmission with Arjun. He comes to America believing that he has… Continue reading Transmission and the Global Worker

Neuromancer and Pickup on South Street

There are a surprising number of similarities to be found in the novel Neuromancer and the film Pickup on South Street regardless of the the great different in genre and time. In Pickup on South Street,  Skip is morally ambiguous like Case in Neuromancer and both characters are down-on-their-luck theives. They are both outsiders on the fringe and they seek something… Continue reading Neuromancer and Pickup on South Street


In William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the idea of hacking is transformed into something different altogether with the introduction of “cowboys” and “Cyberspace.” In the novel we see how there is a separation between the flesh or body and the virtual, cyberspace as Case sees cyberspace as a way to escape the flesh. Wark states that, “To… Continue reading Hacking